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Okay! So we're having an auction! We're gonna do our best to keep it simple, however, we'll be needing your help to make things run smoothly. There will be 3 ways for you to make a bid......

1. E-mail your bid to:

2. Call our Toll Free bid hotline 1- 866 MIB CLUB

3. Go to our Chat Room for a live simulcast on the day of the event.

When you e-mail an absentee bid, or phone one in, you'll will be given a bidder's number. Please, use this number with all correspondence and/or if making multiple bids. It is the only way we can keep track of who's who. If you place bids during the live auction in our chat room, we'll need your e-mail address and/or a contact phone number in order to invoice you at the conclusion of the auction. Since we may not know you, and you may not know us, pre-registering is encouraged.

We will be charging a 10% buyer's premium, with a one dollar minimum, on all lots in the auction. The proceeds from which will go directly to the Gateway Marble Club to support their endeavors.  

Bidding will start at 1 dollar for lots where there is no absentee bidder, and lots where there is only one absentee bidder. On lots where we have two or more absentee bidders, the bidding will start at the next increment over the second highest bidder's maximum. For example, if absentee bidder number 1 places a bid with a maximum of 20 dollars, and another absentee bidder places a maximum of 40 dollars on that same lot, the bidding will begin at 22 dollars.

We are now accepting absentee bids and giving out bid numbers. We ask that you raise the bid by the following minimum increments.....

If the high bid is between 1 and 15 dollars - 1.00
If the high bid is between 16 and 50 dollars - 2.00
If the high bid is between 51 and 100 dollars - 5.00
If the high bid is between 101 and 500 dollars - 10.00
If the high bid is more than 500 dollars - 25.00

Of course, feel free to bid more than the minimum increment.

We will be happy to bid on your behalf via an absentee bidder, just give us the maximum amount you are willing to bid on any item in the auction. We will then bid for you following the minimum bid increments outlined above. Rest assured that we'll act on your behalf with the utmost integrity, we want you to be pleased and to participate again in the future.

All winning bids placed in our Chat Room by bidders present, or through the absentee bidder process are final, these lots can not be opened up again. 

Winning bidders can pay for their items with a Money Order, Cashiers Check, or a Personal Check (with a 10 business day wait before shipping.) We also can accept major Credit Cards through Paypal, however you'll have to go to their web site and pay the invoice. We will be deducting any Paypal costs from the proceeds generated by the buyer's premium.

You will be given a choice of shipping method for your item(s). We charge a flat rate of 3.00 for First Class Mail with your item arriving well packed in a padded envelope. Or, for a flat rate of 5.50 we can ship your item(s) via Priority Mail in a rigid box. Both options include 50 dollars worth of insurance. As has always been the case, anymore costs over the flat rate, including more insurance when the actual value of the item(s) warrants it, WE PAY!

Our guarantee - If you aren't completely happy.....  We'll buy it back! 

It just doesn't get any simpler.


We reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone before, during, and/or after the auction, who hasn't conducted themselves in a manner befitting a reasonably mature adult.

If you have any questions, please contact us.



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