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Hello Everyone!

We are the Gateway Marble Club of Clarksville, Tennessee. We're very excited to have partnered with in the pursuit of furthering the hobby of marble collecting in our area, and the general marble community as a whole. We have some pretty big goals for a fledgling group, but with your help and lots of determination, we know we'll be successful.

Getting together with was a natural. Mike's enthusiasm for the hobby of marble collecting and his strong emphasis on customer relations, was a perfect fit for our desire to attract collectors in our area and promote our events. His expertise in identification, grading, and appraising marbles has been an invaluable asset to the members of our club.

One of the first items that needed to be addressed was where are we going to get the money to finance our endeavors? Bake Sale? Car Wash? Windshield cleaning at intersections? Song and dance numbers in front of malls? How about an auction! Hmmmm....figured that was the best option out of the bunch. So, utilizing excellent reputation and know how, we are proud to present our first Internet Auction.

We are raising money by charging a 10% buyer's premium on every lot sold in the auction. There's a minimum of 1.00 dollar per lot. Everyone who participates will be considered an associate member of the Gateway Marble Club, and will be eligible for "freebies" and special promotional items that we'll be offering in the future. Your name, or user name, will also be listed in our "Hall of Fame" on this web site. Of course we'll respect your privacy should you desire to remain anonymous. Your contribution will be fully used to finance our agenda. We hope that you'll be excited to participate in what is sure to be a fun filled journey!

Some of our plans are to finance a local marble tournament and sponsoring the winner(s) to the Nationals in Wildwood, New Jersey. We are looking into smaller events with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in our area. We have two large school systems that we hope to get involved in some way or another. A large military base is nearby, what a wonderful opportunity to promote family values and good clean fun with the folks that serve us the most. Of course with a large metropolitan city like Nashville just 45 minutes away, a Marble Collectors Show is definitely in our long range plan. An International Airport along with first class accomodations can only enhance the opportunity for a top notch festival. Working with other clubs, supporting local charities, and a host of neat promotions are all on our plate for the future. We'll be beating the bushes for your help too!


Gateway Marble Club
Clarksville, Tennessee



UPDATE:    April 2003

Thanks to everyone for all their support through encouraging words and their pocket books via the 10% Buyer's Premium. Also, a special thanks to James Alloway of Alloway Art Glass who donated a gorgeous marble in which the entire proceeds went to the club's budget. Our plans have included the purchase of several vintage marble games which we hope will spark the imagination of the kids who play with them. We're also looking into buying a couple of "Ringer" mats to begin a bit more formal tournament setting. The interest in such a tournament has been a bit lukewarm in the community, but we'll keep plugging along. Also, we've bought bunches of Mega and Vacor marbles that we have given away to help promote marbles with the kids.

For the adults we are trying to put together a simple identification display of some rather common Peltier, Akro Agate, M.F. Christensen, Marble King, Christensen Agate, and assorted handmades and transitionals. We've also purchased a number of books that will help anyone interested to further their marble collecting and identification skills. We hope that the combination of excellent reference material and being able to actually hold a marble in your hand, will be a super asset to anyone interested. Also, we have several examples of buffed and polished marbles to help folks identify a marble that may have been worked on. A future addition to this display will include a large onionskin that has been "recooked" so to speak.



UPDATE:    July 2003


Well, another fun time was had at the Gateway Marble Club gathering. Turnout wasn't so hot, the weather sure was, but we had some kids in playing the games, and some adults stop by and talk about the days when they were little mibsters. Had some folks come in looking for help with identification and values, that's sometimes scary - you never know if they're gonna cry or jump for joy. Definitely one of the highlights of the day was a gentleman who shared with us a couple of his great handmades, and tell us stories of what it was like to search the globe, (literally) for marbles before the days of the internet. From Lauscha to London, no place was too far away to satisfy his passion for marble collecting. Hopefully a feature about his travels will be in the works soon. For now, we'll have to settle for a few of his mibs!.......








Again, we'll be having a gathering at the Clarksville Public Library to coincide with's upcoming internet auction. We hope that if you're in the neighborhood, you'll give us a holler. Hope to see ya soon!

Clarksville Public Library

350 Pageant Lane

Clarksville, Tennessee

Saturday, November 29th, 2003

11 - 2 pm  cst.


Driving directions from Interstate 24    Click Here





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