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Hello Mibsters!

This is gonna be my favorite part of the web site. I've got high hopes to be able to interview well known, and maybe not so well known, marble folks across a wide range of interests. I'm looking to do a 20 questions type of format that will highlight a particular person or effort. I'll offer a link to their site and highlight any upcoming news that they might like to share. It's my hope that we'll get to know a little bit more about interesting topics and people.

I plan on getting your input too! Surely you've often wondered to yourself.....who is that person? How did they get started? How do they do the things they do? Maybe you've got some suggestions concerning who or what you would like to hear about. How about grading marbles, polished marbles, differences between new and old mibs. I'll post pictures and we'll get the straight scoop from the people who are in the know.

The whole idea is to educate and inform in a positive and fun way. So, if you know of any Contemporary artist who could use a good word, if you would like to share with us your specialty, or if you just have a question for our keynote speaker, please don't hesitate to drop me a line and participate. I look forward to hearing from ya!


We are pleased to announce that our featured interview to coincide with our 3rd Internet Auction, will be with noted Contemporary Artist -  George Pavliscak of Pavliscak Studios

George is renowned for his work with stained glass, jewelry, Tiffany style lamps, beads, and of course gorgeous marbles. With a studio in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin and many stops at marble and glass shows during the year, we hope you have a chance to visit with George and enjoy his beautiful creations firsthand. Without further adieu we are proud to feature......


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Previously Featured Interviews

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