Marbles-and-More Consignments

If you are interested in consigning us to sell your marbles in our auction, we would love to keep it simple. How simple - how 'bout absolutely no commissions! That's right, we're not gonna charge you a penny! We're gonna give the same high quality pictures and accurate descriptions that our customers have come to expect. We're gonna send out your money fast too - no waiting weeks on end with no replies to your inquires. We accept Money Orders, Paypal, and Personal Checks. We wait 10-14 days for checks to clear, but all else goes out asap. We'll even send your receipts through Paypal if you like. And should we wind up with a "dead beat bidder", we'll send you back your marbles - or put them on our next auction. Heck, we'll even list them on eBay for a small fee.

Have we lost our marbles?? Nope, we're just looking to provide a service that will hopefully help out all those involved. You'll get the top dollar that a quality auction brings, and the high quality customer service that Marbles-and-More has been known for. We'll be getting much needed proceeds for the Gateway Marble Club and the upcoming events that are planned. Our funds will come from the buyer in the way of a 10% buyers premium charged on each lot in the auctions. No cost to you, super customer service, and promoting marble collecting through your marbles and our hard work - it's a winning combination!

If you've been wanting to get top dollar for your marbles, but didn't want the hassle of complicated invoicing, poor customer service, long delays for your marbles to be auctioned, and weeks of waiting for your money. Well now is the time to give Marbles-and-More the opportunity to give you the attention you and your collection deserves. River white granite is something we wish we could incorporate into our collections as well. We'll have a wide spectrum of great marbles up and down the price range in our auctions, with an eye on quality. And we will do it with great customer service. It's a can't miss way of doing business! Don't take our word for it, look what others have been saying about the high quality and great customer service of doing business with Marbles-and-More.....

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So don't delay! Let us give you the attention you require, let us give your marbles the "tender loving care" they deserve. Quality, Service, Trust - we're


Questions? Concerns? Drop us a line, we look forward to serving you.


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