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Well, we hope you're not going to have any problems. Please don't get discouraged if you are, remember we're just a toll free phone call away.....  1-866  MIB CLUB


We wanted to show you what the actual screens looked like while explaining in a bit more detail what you are looking at, and how to accomplish the same. After clicking on the "Chatroom" link, you'll want to scroll on down to the bottom of the page and sign in with a username of your choosing. At this point there is nothing to do but type in a name and click on log in. (you don't have to have a username - the default name is "guest") Here's a view of that.....



After signing in and clicking on "log in", the screen you see should look like this......



You now see a welcome message, our logo to the right, three "buttons" near the top, and a message box along the bottom. The next thing you'll want to do for the best view of the marble pictures and the chatroom at the same time is to detach the chatroom from it's underlying web page. 


You'll notice the cursor is pointing towards the button "float", click on that and the chatroom will detach from the underlying web page. Please note the "help" button, if you should want to know more about the features of this chatroom, or my explanation has you confused, you can click on this button to learn more. (it will take you to the software company's web site) Also note our logo at the far right, this is a "clickable" link that will open up another window in the main Gallery page. (more on that in a moment)


Here the chatroom is "floated" down near the bottom of the page. 



And here it is "floated" at the top of the page. 




Here it has been "resized" to fit the screen in a top to bottom format. To resize the the chatroom, or any window for that matter, you must place your cursor near any edge of the window. A small two headed arrow will appear, while holding your left mouse button down you can "drag" the edges of the box to fit any dimension that you like.




Here the chatroom has been moved to the right side of the screen. You can move the chatroom around by "dragging" it. Basically you click on the wide blue bar at the top, and while holding down your mouse button, drag the chatroom up or down. You'll notice that the underlying web page where the chatroom was originally attached, is still there. DO NOT remove, or change that window or it will automatically disconnect you from the chatroom - not good. Well how the heck are we gonna see the Gallery pictures and chatroom?? That's where our logo link that I touched upon earlier comes into play. All you got to do is click on our logo and the Gallery pictures and descriptions will open up in their own window. After clicking on the logo, your screen should look like this....


You're now going to "resize" the Gallery window to fit the space above, or below, or to which ever side you choose, opposite the chatroom window that you already placed and/or resized. You resize the Gallery exactly like you did the Chatroom, click on your mouse - and while holding the button down, make the window larger or smaller. We think it's best to make your Chatroom and Gallery resized to fit the screen in a top to bottom format. Here's an example of what your screen should look like after resizing the Gallery page.....




Remember you'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the Gallery page in order to click on Page 1, 2, or 3, in order to bring up the photos and descriptions. The next few pictures show the basic options and what your screen should look like.


Here you have the advantage of viewing a larger chatroom screen. You'll see the user names and much more of the chatroom text. The disadvantage is that you won't see all three photos and the complete descriptions.


In this example all the photos can be seen, but the content in the chatroom is considerably diminished.



We're just about finished, and you could just leave it this way and be done. But notice how we squeezed just a bit x-tra space for viewing. The picture above still has an address bar and a tool bar at the top, also there's a tool bar with links at the bottom of the page. We'll show you how to get rid of those - but it's not necessary, it just gives you a little more room.....


If you click on "view" at the top tool bar, you'll see a file for "tool bars"  - highlight it and you'll see the other options. The picture shows the address bar, standard buttons, and links all check marked. Just click on each one of those and the upper tool bar will disappear, if you want to bring them back up again, just reclick on them to make the tool bar reappear. The bottom tool bar is easily removed by once again placing your cursor right at the edge of the tool bar and "dragging" it down off the page. To make it reappear, just do the opposite. Assuming you clicked on Gallery Page 1 in the previous example, here's the finished set up in the top to bottom format.....


Now you are able to see the Gallery pictures and participate in the chatroom at the same time. You will have to go back and forth continually scrolling down through the auction lots, but you would have to do that regardless of the chatroom set up. The last photo shows another option where one web page is overlayed upon the other. Keep in mind that you'll be going back and forth between the pages in this version. This is totally acceptable, but just remember not to close the orignal chatroom page in which we "floated" the chatroom from, if you do - you'll be disconnected





If you should get booted off the chatroom for any reason, you will have to go through the process of "detaching" and moving the chatroom to fit your screen after signing in again. You should not have to resize the Gallery. On a positive note, you will not have to sign in with a different name cause your original one is now a "ghost" after being booted, this software allows a "ghost" to come back to life so to speak.  :-)

Finally, if you want to open a third window for whatever reason, you can do that from the chatroom also. Just click on the button that says "Help", it will open up a window containing the chatroom software manufacturer's web site. From there you can navigate anywhere on the internet you would like to. You'll find that we have disconnected the "right click" feature on your mouse. Many folks are used to opening and closing as many windows as they like using this method. We've done this to protect ours, and anyone elses photos that are posted on our site. 

If you have any problems whatsoever please don't hesitate to contact us.




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