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Hello Everyone, welcome to our 5th Internet Marble Auction!

The chatroom set up for this auction may be a little bit different than you are used to. Early on in our decision to have Internet Auctions, we decided to have a few quality pictures for each lot, rather than just one. We thought the best way to accomplish this was having the pictures viewed from left to right. On our site you can split the screen right and left, that is having the chatroom opened in one window on one side, while viewing the Gallery in another window on the opposite side. Or have the screen divided top to bottom with the chatroom at the bottom and the Gallery at the top, or visa-versa. We suggest that you resize the room so you can split the screen from top to bottom, rather than side by side. We have supplied photographs and instructions to better explain what we're talking about. Please click on the following link for more information......




Please remember, in order to send you an invoice after the auction ends, we'll need your e-mail address. If you have preregistered you've been given a bidder's number, please refer to it if you win a lot in the auction. If you do not have a bidder's number, please give us your e-mail address if you should win a lot in the auction. You can use whatever "user name" you wish, there's no need to sign in using your bidder number and/or e-mail address.

It is our sincere hope that you have an enjoyable experience while at our auction. Be aware that as a matter of routine, we will be reviewing the chatroom transcript of the auction to make sure we did not make any errors. Please do not make any remarks or comments that you would rather not have us know. Please bare with us should problems arise that we did not foresee, and/or have no control over. Should a major problem occur like a loss of internet service, you can call our toll free number for information regarding the problem and when it will be resolved. Thank you and good luck bidding!

Mike and Helen







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